Welcome to MsHipHopSnob.com, where you get a realistic take on hip hop music, old and new.


When it comes to hip hop, I’m extremely judgmental, stubborn and well…..a snob. I grew up in the 90s; a time when rappers had to respect hip hop’s core elements, like flow, delivery and lyrical content. If you weren’t coming with it, your career was over. It seems that in just over two decades, this culture has lost all remnants of the elements… or has it?


That’s where I come in. This site is dedicated to highlighting what’s right & still relevant about this art form and shining a spotlight on those hellbent on getting their voices heard. I talk about what I like, what I don’t like and some other things in between. NO GOSSIP, NO GIMMICKS. It’s all about the music here and what I think about it. So, without further ado: 


You know what they say about opinions…..Here’s Mine: