Great Sunday Morning, Y’all! 

Many of you are probably in church or at the mosque as I write this, and since it is Sunday, I have realized that ’tis God’s will that this be addressed. First, let me just say that “Black Panther”, the movie, is so great. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The soundtrack, is just as glorious. As a matter of fact, I think I downloaded the album before I went to see the movie. Each song on the album is fire, as the young folks used to say (my thoughts on the entire soundtrack are coming soon). Kendrick and crew did that….well mostly. 

You know what they say about opinions…Here’s mine:

As I am sitting at work, loving “All The Stars”, getting on “X”, and then calling for the “Paramedic!” because I’ve now found myself in “Bloody Waters”, I learn that the “King Is Dead”. Jay Rock had me bouncing in my chair so hard, you’d have thought that I put some after market hydraulics up under it. As the track played on, Kendrick takes the baton and helps transition the song over to Future, who was seemingly made for this beat. 


Now, if you have seen the movie, the following statement isn’t a spoiler. Do you remember how you felt when Killmonger threw King T’Challa off the cliff? EVERYONE in the theater I was in, stopped breathing.  This is exactly the same feeling that came over me midway through Future’s verse. Admittedly, I am not a fan. I wasn’t one prior to this post, but this soundtrack is so good, I just knew that wouldn’t matter. After all, everyone deserves a second… third… fifth… seventh chance, right?

WRONG!! I’ll say it – Future jacked the song up. Ain’t no turning back from this for me. You know, he almost had me for a minute. He had Kendrick with the echo in the back, too. Why, Lawd? Who approved it? Did y’all listen to it before it was released? Was this a freestyle? Even more pressing..was this written? I have so many questions. All-in-all, I still enjoy the song. The beat change and the way Ken straps you into the passenger seat, taking you on a ride through Killmonger’s mind, all while tying back into the movie is everything.  Below is the video. Watch, listen, and judge for yourself. According to the meme above, somebody feels me. What do you think?



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  1. Facts! Lol. I’m still upset to this day about how Future pretty much made this song null and void.

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