Great Sunday Morning, Y’all!  Many of you are probably in church or at the mosque as I write this, and since it is Sunday, I have realized that ’tis God’s will that this be addressed. First, let me just say that “Black Panther”, the movie, is so great. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The soundtrack, is just as glorious. As a matter of fact, I think I downloaded the album before I went to see the movie. Each song on the album is fire, as the young folks used to say (my thoughts on the entire soundtrack are coming soon). Kendrick and crew did that….well mostly. Read More →

It’s #ThrowBackThursday! I’ve been feeling Saafir for the last few days, so he’s my pick for this #tbt. However, it’s also International Women’s Day and as a lover of hip hop, I knew immediately how to celebrate both occasions. Some of you may remember Eminem coming with a song called “25 to Life” . I can’t lie, I don’t like it 🤷🏾‍♀️, but before Em, was Saafir, who along with Mahasin created the wonderful wonderfulness that blows me away to this day. In honor of women and women in hip hop, I choose to shine a light on someone who is definitely overlooked. A member of theRead More →

Earlier this year The Dreamville Allstars, as I call them, made their way to Birmingham, AL. Through a friend, I was fortunate enough to attend the concert. While I was there, I was introduced to a few new (new to me anyway) artists. J.I.D., Ari Lennox, and Lute West. Here’s my take on each of them:Read More →

It seems that every year, hip hop gets a glimpse of euphoria. We get a small taste of how music was, yet how it can be all at the same time. Mr. Kendrick Lamar has recently released the banger, “Humble”. Speculation about whom he is addressing began almost immediately and the general consensus is that the target is J Cole. I was apprehensive of the thought that Kendrick was addressing someone so easily identifiable, however, if there’s anyone worthy enough to be addressed, J Cole most certainly fits the bill. Whomever Mr. Lamar is targeting, those of us who came to know hip hop through all ofRead More →